Photo Courtesy of Amy Schauster

Love lives in my heart and in my breath.

I let love in each time I inhale. I am built of love.

I let love out each time I exhale. I give love freely without expectation.

And, in doing so, I naturally receive love back, as this is the natural rhythm of living.

What would my life be like today (every day) if I loved this way? What if I gave freely of my love to all those I encounter without fretting about whether I’m getting enough love back in return?

What if I gave love freely to myself without fretting about whether I am being selfish or worthy?

I have discovered this secret to living a full and fulfilling life: to stay connected to that place in my body where my love lives, to breathe naturally, to give and receive fully and with abandon.

Nutrition therapist, educator, mother inspiring whole-self-wellness and embodiment. Author of Nourish: How to Heal Your Relationship with Food, Body, & Self.