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There are so many confusing messages about how to eat out there. Every week there is a new “healthy eating plan” that is “cleaner” than the rest. They sound like well-being breakthroughs, but many of them contradict each other. They are diets in disguise. Many of these wellness-focused messages are dangerous to our children’s health and well-being because they take them away from their natural, intuitive sense about balanced eating.

In the United States, the diet industry is a $60 billion industry. Research shows that 96% of people who go on diets to lose weight will gain the weight back…

I have a confession to make. After working in the field of disordered eating for 25 years, I still made a grave mistake this morning with my own teenagers. I drove into their lane and told them how and what to eat instead of letting them self-regulate. It was not my proudest parent/nutritionist moment when I said, “I didn’t buy avocados so they could get dumped in the compost,” when they didn’t have the stomach for breakfast. One of my daughters is recovering from COVID and still has an off sense of taste, so food can sometimes be nauseating. I…

(Adapted from an article originally published August 2020 on the Eating Disorders Resource Catalogue website)

Recovery from disordered eating is an individual journey. I know this because I have witnessed many on this path over the 25 years I worked in the eating disorders field. For this article, the Eating Disorders Resource Catalogue asked me to discuss “three essential steps” of my recovery, which occurred decades ago.

Because I aim to decrease the stigma surrounding recovered clinicians in the eating disorders field, I have openly written about my personal journey in articles and books, keeping the focus in my practice…

Let’s talk to kids about puberty. I don’t just mean the birds and the bees, though that’s super important.

Let’s talk to them about the diversity of bodies.

A lot.

A whole lot.

Why? Because that kind of talking will counteract the millions (yep, millions) of images that your child or teen will see in videos, advertising, and on social media. The majority of these images highlight perfected, filtered, and idealized bodies.

Reminding kids of those filters encourages good media literacy. Yes, models and celebrities have pores and cellulite like the rest of us, but they also have their own…

Photo Courtesy of Amy Schauster

Love lives in my heart and in my breath.

I let love in each time I inhale. I am built of love.

I let love out each time I exhale. I give love freely without expectation.

And, in doing so, I naturally receive love back, as this is the natural rhythm of living.

What would my life be like today (every day) if I loved this way? What if I gave freely of my love to all those I encounter without fretting about whether I’m getting enough love back in return?

What if I gave love freely to myself without…

These are unprecedented times. We haven’t lived through a pandemic in this lifetime. We’re making it up as we go along.

You may be very sick, financially stressed, overwhelmed with homeschooling, going completely stir-crazy, or loving the simplicity of this quarantine life. Maybe you feel all of these in one day.

Over the last several weeks, I’ve heard about many food and body struggles. Maybe going to the grocery store less often and not having what you normally eat has triggered feelings of insecurity. Maybe the fear of going to the grocery store and potentially catching COVID-19 has led you…

I’m a previously robustly healthy 48-year-old, and at Day 52 of COVID-19, I am still recovering from a virus that has ravaged every part of my body. I use the word recovering because every time I say “turning a corner,” the virus reminds me that it’s not done with me yet.

That said, I’m one of the lucky ones.

Separation from my daughters for a month was the worst part. Their father and I made the tough decision to keep them at his house while I became very sick very fast. Alone in quarantine, I made healing a full-time job…

Heidi Schauster, MS, RDN, CEDRD-S

Nutrition therapist, educator, mother inspiring whole-self-wellness and embodiment. Author of Nourish: How to Heal Your Relationship with Food, Body, & Self.

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